Welcome to our family website

Dear friends and family,

Back in the day when there was no Facebook, it was easy to upload photos and keep everyone updated through our website. Over time, thanks to social media frenzy, updating the website became a distant memory. Once in a while we like coming back to take a look at memories we as a family have been lucky to create along the way.

From all our worldly travels, we have now set our feet in the Sunshine State of FL. Miami, to be precise. We like it here because it's very close to the United States.

We have come a long way since the kids were little. Both of them are now well into being young adults. Cheerleader Cay turns 18 this year and actively looking for the college of her dreams and Duncan is a strapping 16 year old skateboarder who squeezes golf in his busy schedule once in a while but seems to find time for girlfriends. Both doing well at school and that keeps some less grey hairs from growing. Pinky still continues to be our shadow and is very much part of our everyday lives.

Covid has still kept us grounded from traveling and being with Family but someday this madness will end and the world will go back to being normal again. Well, whatever normal is anymore!

Even though we’re not in actively in touch with so many, we pray that everyone is staying safe and sane, amidst this pandemic. Please feel free to reach out to us to let us know how you’re doing through the ‘Contact Us’ page. Yes, we do check emails often. I’m on most social media platforms and you can find me on there if you don’t go the email route anymore

We’re still very much involved with our Rescue Foundation. Please click here to find out more on how you can help too.

If you love listening to Podcasts, click here to take a listen to NRIWoman Podcast. It’s a Podcast I co-host with my friend Bettina. If you want to be entertained, educated, inspired, and/or motivated — we give you value. Every woman has a story to tell and some write it on their own terms. These are heartwarming stories of some inspiring Non Resident Indian women across the globe. We make connections that end up in friendship. We’re easy on your ears. Meaningful conversations. And like we always believe- kindness and inspiration hurt nobody! www.nriwoman.com.

And lastly if you love Coffee, look up www.happyhankscoffee.com I’ve been helping my friend Nakee, a small business owner based out of California, market his well loved coffee.

Stay safe everyone and stay in touch. I promise to do the same.

Always my love and friendship,